Arham Name Meaning in Urdu (Lucky Number, Day and More)

Arham is an Islamic Name. Arham Name meaning in Urdu is “سب سے زیادہ رحم کرنے والا یا مہربان” and in English “The Most Merciful or Most Compassionate”.

Arham is an Arabic word and it’s the lucky number is 6. Arham is an Islamic boy Names and Can be written as “Arham” or “ارحم”.

Arham Name Meaning in Urdu
Arham Name Meaning in Urdu

Arham Name Meaning in Urdu

ارحم اےک اسلامی نام لڑکے کا نام ہے۔ اسکے مختلف اسلامک معنی ہیں۔ارحم کا سب سے بہترین معنی ہے”سب سے زیادہ رحم کرنے والا۔ارحم کا لکی نمبر 6اور یہ عربی زبان کا لفظ ہے۔

Arhamانگلش نام
سب سے زیادہ رحم کرنے والا یا مہرباننام کا معنی
6لکی نمبر
منگل, جمعراتلکی دن
سرخ, بنفشیلکی رنگ/کلر
روبیلکی پتھر
تانبا, لوہاموافق دھاتیں

ٰMore Important info About Name “Arham”

How to type Arham in English?

The Correct spelling for this name is “Arham” but many peoples uses double “a” instead of single “a”. So, It will become “Arhaam”.

What is the meaning of name Arham in urdu

Arham meaning is “The Most Merciful or Most Compassionate” or “سب سے زیادہ رحم کرنے والا یا مہربان”

What is the Religion of name Arham?

Religion of Name “Arham” is Islamic as it has Islamic Meanings.

What is the Lucky Number of “Arham”?

The lucky number of Arham is 6.

What are the Lucky Days of Arham?

Tuesday and Thursday are consider as the lucky days.

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