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55+ Syed Fasihuddin Soharwardi Naats 2020 >> Mp3 Download

Here’s the Life Time Collection of Syed Fasihuddin Soharwardi Naats. This Collection includes almost  25+ All time Famous Naats of Fasihuddin Soharwardi.

Biography of Syed Fasihuddin Soharwardi

Syed Fasihuddin Soharwardi is Famous Naat Khuwan of Pakistan. He was born on 15 Jun 1957 in Karachi. Most of his Naats are in Urdu However,

He has recited the Naats in Punjabi,  Arabic and Persian language. His singing style is considered to be unique with a very powerful voice.

He Currently resides in Karachi Pakistan but frequently Travels to North Americ and Europe to Perform Different Naat  Reciting Shows (Melaad-un-Nabi).

He holds a distinct record of reciting over 5000 nasheeds (naats) with more than 160 albums. He has traveled to 27 countries for various shows. (Wikipedia)

Syed Fasihuddin Soharwardi Naat List >> Most Popular Naats

  • Khuda Ka Zikr Karen
  • Main to Panjtan ka gGhulamhoon’
  • Aye Subz gumbat walay
  • Huzoor Aisa koi Intizam Ho jae.
  • Mustafa Jane Rehmat Pe Lakhon Salaam
  • Khusravi Achi Lagi na Sarwari Achi Lagi
Syed Fasihuddin Soharwardi Naats

Fasihuddin Soharwardi naats Mp3 Download

Main To Panjtan Ka Ghulam Hoon

Main-To-Panjtan-Ka-Ghulam-Hoon-Live.mp3 (1497 downloads)



Lam Yati Nazeero – fasihuddin soharwardi naats

Lam-Yati-Nazeero.mp3 (1260 downloads)

Khusravi Achi Lagi Na Sarwari Achi Lagi – fasihuddin soharwardi naats

Khusravi-Achi-Lagi-Na-Sarwari-Achi-Lagi-Fasih-ud-Din-Soharwardi.mp3 (774 downloads)

Hazoor Aisa Koi Intezaam Ho Jaye

Hazoor-Aisa-Koi-Intezaam-Ho-Jaye-Syed-FasiUddin-Soharwardi.mp3 (1261 downloads)

Bighi bhi banain gay


Balaghal Ula Bekamaalaihi

Balaghal-Ula-Bekamaalaihi.mp3 (500 downloads)

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Alif Allah chambay di booti – fasihuddin soharwardi naats

Alif-Allah-chambay-di-booti-by-Syed-Fasihuddin-Soharwardi.mp3 (469 downloads)

Akhin Sone Nu Hawaye Ni (Punjabi Naat)

Akhin-Sone-Nu-Hawaye-Ni-Punjabi-Naat-Syed-Fasihuddin-Soharwardi.mp3 (293 downloads)

Aj Sik MitraDi (Punjabi Naat )

Aj-Sik-MitraDi-Punjabi-Naat-Yasir-Nazeer-Shaikh-03000321-9211534.mp3 (433 downloads)

Aey Nabi Mustafa

AeyNabiMustafa-1.mp3 (1348 downloads)

Main Behak Sakoon Ye Majal kia

Main-Behak-Sakoon-Ye-Majal-kia-Khubsurat-naat-by-Fasihuddin-Soharwardi.mp3 (773 downloads)

Ya Nabi Salam Alaika

Ya-Nabi-Salam-Alaika-by-Fasihuddin-Suhrwardi.mp3 (382 downloads)


Tamanna-e-Dil-RasoolAllah.mp3.mp3 (70 downloads)

Naimatain banta jis simt woh zeeshan gaya

Syed-Fasihuddin-Soharwardi-New-Naat-2017-Naimatain-banta-jis-simt-woh-zeeshan-gaya-RR-by-STUDIO5.mp3 (277 downloads)

Syed Fasihuddin Soharwardi Best Naat – New Urdu Naat 2016

Syed-Fasihuddin-Soharwardi-Best-Naat-New-Urdu-Naat-2016.mp3 (1570 downloads)

Soye Taiba Jani Waloon – fasihuddin soharwardi naats

Soye-Taiba-Jani-Waloon-Yasir-Soharwardi-0321-9211534.mp3 (206 downloads)

Rehmat Baras Rahi Hai Muhamad ke Shehar Main


Punjabi Naat (Sade Wall Sohniya)

Punjabi-NaatSade-Wall-Sohniya-Syed-Fasihuddin-Soharwardi-At-Qtv.By-Visaal.mp3 (268 downloads)

Mujhay Bhi Madinay Bula Meray Maula

Mujhay-Bhi-Madinay-Bula-Meray-Maula-by-Syed-Faseehuddin-Soharwardi.mp3 (414 downloads)

Me Mar Ki Wi Nahin Marda.

Me-Mar-Ki-Wi-Nahin-Marda.-Peer-Syed-Muhammad-Fasih-Uddin-Soharwardi.mp3 (263 downloads)

Syed Fasihuddin Naats (Video Download)





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