Today’s Gold Rate in Pakistan

Todays Gold Rate in PKR


April 18, 2024

The gold rate in Pakistan is for 1 Gram is As Follows.

NOTE: (1 Tola = 10 Gram)

So the Price for 1 Tola Gold in Pakistan would be

(PKR) 1 Gram x 10 = 1 Tola (PKR)

The Digital Islam is providing Daily Updates for Gold Rates. These are the latest Gold Rates of 22 April 2021

Local Gold Market and Sarafa markets in numerous cities have provided us with their rates. Please see the chart below:

Gold Rate Today Pakistan (Live)

All Time Gold Price in Pakistan (Per Gram)

All Time Gold Rate in Pakistan (Per Kg)

Historical Gold Rate in Pakistan (Per Ounce)

Todays Gold Rates

Today's gold rate in pakistan
Today’s gold rate in pakistan

Todays Gold Rate in India (INR)

Todays Gold Rate in USA (USD)

Todays Gold Rate in UAE (AED)

History of Gold

The word ‘Gold’ stands for something quite precious, extraordinary and highly pure, what has been mined, circulated, and possessed for centuries. A Gold artifact discovery in 2000 B.C. led to an increase of gold mining throughout the world. 

Discovery of Gold

Further gold found in Bulgaria. The more gold that became available to the world, the greater the lust for owning it became. As gold is an expensive commodity, every individual dreams of having gold in large quantities in order to gain a sense of security and financial security.

What is Gold?

Gold is the one metal that is considered the most valuable or precious from an investment standpoint. It is not only used in jewelry, but can also be used for electronic devices and for medicinal purposes. 

Why peoples buy Gold?

Investors buy gold through contracts to earn big money and common men normally buys gold in the form of either jewelry or bars and coins in case of financial setback. 

What are famous Gold Commodities?

The most famous gold commodities where gold is purchased and circulated are listed below:

  • United States
  • Canada
  • Russia
  • Peru
  • South Africa
  • China
  • Australia
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