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We have gathered 12+ Quran PDF Files that are available for Free Download. This includes 16 Line Quran, English & Urdu Translation, Arabic Quran and More.

Quran PDF

Quran Pak Introduction

Quran is the Religious Books of Muslims. It was revealed on the Last Prophet Hazrat Muhammad SAW. It took almost 23.5 Years to be revealed completely. There are 30 Paras (Chapters) in the Quran and 7 Manzils. Para’s are sub-divided into Ruko’s and Ruku’s are sub-Dived into Ayaat (Verses).

Sequence in Holy Quran

There are 114 Surah’s in the Quran in which 86 Makki Surah’s and 28 are Madani Surah’s. Makki Surah’s are revealed in Makkah before Migration (Hijrate-Nabwi), and Madani Surah’s are those which are revealed in the Madina.

First Revealed Surat (Chapter)

IQRA (Read) is the First Surah of Quran Pak, which was Revealed on the Prophet Hazrat Muhammad SAW while he was praying at Cave of HIRA (Ghare Hira). Angel Hazrat Jibrail A.S was the Angel through which the whole Quran was revealed on Holy Prophet Hazrat Muhammad Mustafa SAW.

Quran and Hadith are the Main sources of Religious Information for Muslims. Muslims follow the Quran in all aspects of life. There is a complete guideline of all aspects of life in the Quran Pak.

Holy Quran Arabic Text


Holy-Quran-Arabic-Text.pdf (773 downloads)

Arabic Quran PDF (Simple)


Arabic-Quran-Simple-1.pdf (39 downloads)

Quran Pak Translation & Tafseer V1


Quran-Pak-Translation-Tafseer-V1.pdf (6 downloads)

Quran Pak Translation & Tafseer V2


Quran-Pak-Translation-Tafseer-V2-2.pdf (4 downloads)

Quran Pak Translation & Tafseer V3


Quran-Pak-Translation-Tafseer-V3.pdf (2 downloads)

Quran English (Word by Word Meanings)


Quran-English-Word-by-Word-Meanings.pdf (7 downloads)

Tafseer e Quran (English)


Tafseer-e-Quran-English-1.pdf (2 downloads)

Quran PDF English Translation by Mufti Taqi Usmani


Quran-PDF-English-Transation-by-Mufti-Taqi-Usmani-1.pdf (5 downloads)

Quran in Text Format

Quran-in-Text-Format.txt (3 downloads)

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