Mp3 Download 55+ “Amjad Sabri Naats” & “Qawwali”(2018)

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Download & Listen to online Amjad Sabri Naats & Amjad Sabri Qawali’s. All Naats & Qawali’s are available for Audio (Mp3 Download) and Video Download.

Amjad Sabri Biography

Amjad Farid (Fareed) Sabri was born on 23 December 1970. Amjad Sabri was a Pakistani qawwal, naat khawan. Amjad Sabri was the Son of Ghulam Farid Sabri And Nephew of Maqbool Ahmed Sabri of the Sabri Brothers.

He was shot dead in Karachi in a targeted killing on 22 June 2016. Pakistani police and paramilitary arrested his alleged killers who have confessed to killing the renowned singer

Amjad Sabri Naats
Amjad Sabri Naats

Amjad Sabri ki Naat Mp3 Download

Allah Hoo by Junaid Jamshed Amjad Sabri

Allah-Hoo-Allah-Hoo-Javeria-Saleem-New-Naat-Sharif-2019.mp3 (183 downloads)

Tajdar e Haram by Amjad Sabri

TAJDAR-E-HARAM-AQSA-ABDUL-HAQ.mp3 (420 downloads)

Heart Touching Kalaam – Asar e Qayamat

view (256 downloads)

Sar e Lamakan Amjad Sabri

view (181 downloads)

Qawwali Night with Amjad Sabri

Qawwali-Night-with-Amjad-Sabri-Boston-Part-2.mp3 (89 downloads)


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NA-POCHYE-K-KYA-HUSSAIN-HEN-Last-recording-in-Chicago-AMJAD-FREED-SABRI.mp3 (591 downloads)

Mera Koi Nahi Hai Tere Siva –

view (148 downloads)

Mera Koi Naheen Hai Teray Siwa by Amjad Sabri

Mera-Koi-Naheen-Hai-Teray-Siwa-by-Amjad-Sabri.mp3 (79 downloads)

Karam Mangta Hoon

Karam-Mangta-Hoon-Dua-Amjad-Sabri.mp3 (272 downloads)

Jis Nay Madinay Jana Amjad Sabri

Jis-Nay-Madinay-Jana-Amjad-Sabri-Qawwali-AAJ-TV-AAJ-Kalam-2010-ramzan.flv.mp3 (64 downloads)

Dua mangta hoon Amjad Sabri – amjad sabri naats

Dua-mangta-hoon-amjad-sabri.mp3 (550 downloads)

Bhar do Jholi Meri Ya Muhammad – amjad sabri qawali

Bhar-Do-Jholi-Meri-Ya-Muhammad-Javeria-Saleem-New-Naat-Sharif-2019.mp3 (201 downloads)

Be Khud Kiye Dete Hai – Amjad Raza Sabri

Be-Khud-Kiye-Dete-Hai-Amjad-Sabri.mp3 (577 downloads)

Mein Nazar Karo – Amjad Fareed Sabri

Amjad-Sabri…..Mein-Nazar-Karo.mp3 (49 downloads)

Amjad Sabri ka Samaa TV ki Sehri mein last kalam

Amjad-Sabri-ka-Samaa-TV-ki-Sehri-mein-last-kalam.mp3 (339 downloads)

Farhan ali waris and Amjad sabri ki Naat

Amjad-sabri-and-farhan-ali-waris-naat.mp3 (60 downloads)

Zehra Ki Shadi – Amjad Sabri ki Naat

Amjad-Sabri-Zehra-Ki-Shadi.mp3 (256 downloads)

Taiba Ke Janay Walay – amjad sabri naats

Amjad-Sabri-Taiba-Ke-Janay-Walay.mp3 (106 downloads)

Khasaan e Khaas

Amjad-Sabri-Khasaan-e-Khaas-2016.mp3 (41 downloads)

Amjad Sabri Qawali – Kash Yeh Dua Meri

view (322 downloads)

Amjad Sabri last Naat Jab Qabar andheri main – amjad sabri qawali

view (636 downloads)

Taiba K Janay Walay – amjad sabri naats

view (46 downloads)

Aesa Bhi Hota Hai (Amjad Sabri) – amjad sabri qawali

view (62 downloads)

Aaj Rang Hai – Saqib Ali Taji Amjad Sabri Naats

view (74 downloads)

Amjad Sabri ki Naat (Video Download)











Amjad Sabri Naats (Listen to Online)

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