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Irfan Makki Biography

Irfan Makki was Born in on 30 October 1975, in Pakistan. He is a Pakistani Canadian Muslim singer-songwriter / Nasheed Artist. Irfan Makki started his Singing Career in 1997. He is associated with “Awakening Records” and “Sony Music”. His Fellow Artists are Maher Zain, Hamza Namir, Masuit Kurtis, Zain Bhikka, Harris J & Raef.

Irfan Makki Career

Irfan Makki Nasheeds
Irfan Makki Nasheeds

Irfan Makki’s songs offer up vibrant imagery with the innocence of a child-like observer and the wisdom of an elderly man, blended with world beat percussion, South Asian rhythms and a distinctive urban R&B vocal style.

Irfan Makki Performance

Irfan has performed all over World, Specially in the United Kingdom (UK), United States (US), and Canada sharing the stage with such artists & friends such as Dawud Wharnsby Ali, Zain Bikha, 786, and the United States (US) based hip hop group Native Deen.


He is Pakistani by Birth but his family migrated to the Canada where he grew up within a community celebrating the diversity of cultures. Irfan began to hone his own natural vocal talents.

Final Thoughts

Throughout his teen years, he immersed himself in the development of his unique musical style. The blessing of growing up against the multicultural city-scape of Toronto ensured that not only was he surrounded by a diverse Muslim community, but also encircled by a vibrant arts community.

Irfan Makki Nasheeds Songs (Video Download)


Irfan Makki Nasheeds / Songs Mp3 Download

Irfan Makki – Palestine

Irfan Makki – Palestine
Download >> Irfan Makki – Palestine (663 downloads )

Irfan Makki Nasheeds – Mamma

Irfan Makki – Mamma
Download >> Irfan Makki – Mamma (1537 downloads )

Irfan Makki Nasheeds – Mabrook English – Urdu Version

Irfan Makki Nasheeds – Mabrook English – Urdu Version
Download >> Irfan Makki – Mabrook English – Urdu Version (329 downloads )

Irfan Makki Nasheeds – Mabrook (English – Malay Version)

Irfan Makki – Mabrook (English – Malay Version)
Download >> Irfan Makki – Mabrook (English – Malay Version) (493 downloads )

Irfan Makki – Khayal (Urdu)

Irfan Makki – Khayal (Urdu)
Download >> Irfan Makki – Khayal (Urdu) (44822 downloads )

Irfan Makki – Im So Sorry

Irfan Makki – Im So Sorry
Download >> Irfan Makki – Im So Sorry (44915 downloads )
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