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Latest Audio Naats 2020 is the Project of The Digital Islam (A New era of The Digital Islamic World).

In the Audio Naat Application, we have gathered a Huge Collection of Latest and Famous Audio Naats of 2020 and Make them available for Listen to online.

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Latest Audio Naats 2020

Listen to Online Audio Naats in the Voice of Top Pakistani Naat Reciters. Naat reciters are Junaid Jamshed, Owais Raza Qadri, Hafiz Ahmed Raza Qadri, Hafiz Tahir Qadri, Shumaila Kosar, Farhan Ali Qadri, Amjad Fareed Sabri, Sami Yusuf, Maher Zain and Zain Bhikha.

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Junaid Jamshed Khan was a Pakistani recording artist, television personality, fashion designer, occasional actor, Naat Khuwan, Naat Writer and preacher. Junaid Jamshed Naats which are included in “Latest Audio Naats (2020) are: Dil Dil Pakistan, Qasida Burda Sharif, Muhammad Ka Roza, Ilahi teri Chohkat par, Aey Taiba Aey Taiba, Mera Dil Badal De, Maula ya Sali Wa Salim, Shan e Ramzan Allah Hoo Junaid Jamshed Amjad Sabri , SubhanAllah and Main to Ummati Hoi Aey Shahe Umam.

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Al-Haaj Muhammad Owais Raza Qadri was born on October 17, 1969 in Karachi which is the Capital City of Province Sindh. Mohammad Anees Raza, Mohammad Afeef Raza are the Children’s of Muhammad Owais Raza Qadri.

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Owais Raza Qadri is the person whose Naats makes us cry in the Love of Aaqa & Madinah, whose Naats takes us deeper and deeper into the love of our beloved Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Alayhi Wa Sallam.

Awais Raza Qadri is also Known as “BULBUL-E-MADINAH”. Owais Raza Qadri Naats which are included in Dil o Nigah ki Dunya, Madine ke Zair Salam Unse Kehna, Tara Ali Ali, Dil ki Dehleez, Baat ban jati hai, Be Khud Kiye dete hai, Main Lajpalan de lar lagiyan, Dare Nabi par Para Rahunga, Hajj Naat Kalam, Noor ka Sama, Main Madine Chala Main Madine Chala, Madani Madine Wale, Kabay ki Ronaq, Jannat me le ke Jaegi Chahat Rasool ki, Imadad Kun, Hum ko Bulaana Ya Rasool Allah, Bahar Aap se Hai, Ae Saba Musatafa say keh dena, Be khud Kiye dete hai, Allah Allah, Allahumma Salle Alaa, Al Nabi Sallu Aleh.

Hafiz Tahir Qadri was born in Karachi. He is among the young and popular Naat Khuwans. He had the passion of Naat reciting from his Childhood. He released his First Album “Allahu Pukaaray Jaa” in 2002. This very first Album gain lots of Popularity. This is Start of his Professional Career and after that he didn’t look behind. Some of its Naats from this ablum such as, “Main Kinnu Kinnu Dassan” and “Allahu Pukaaray Jaa” are still popular today.

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Hafiz Ahmed Raza Qadri is World Wide Famous Naat Khawan. He is also the Writer of Naats. Ahmed Raza Qadri Belongs to Lahore (Pakistan). Hafiz Ahmed Raza Naats are popular all around the world.

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Hafiz Ahmed Raza Qadri started his Naat Reciter Career at a very young age. He participated in local (School, College) level competitions as well as in National Naat reciting competitions. He was awarded with the Title of “Most Divine Naat Khawan of the World”

Shumaila Kosar is Pakistani Naat Khuwan. She has recited more than 150+ Naats in Urdu and Punjabi. This Collection Contains almost All the Naats in Urdu and Punjabi recites by Shumaila Kosar.

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The debut album of Maher Zain was “Thank You Allah“, with 13 songs and two bonus tracks. It was released on 1 November 2009 with percussion versions and French versions of some tracks

Zain Bhikha was born on 9 August 1974 in South Africa. He is a South African singer-songwriter who performs Islamic nasheeds/Naats songs. Zain

Bhikka is Associated with other Muslim musicians, including Yusuf Islam and Dawud Wharnsby. Zain has collaborated on albums and also released several solo albums.

Sami Yusuf was born in Iran. He is a British Singer and Writer. His first album was Al-Mu’allim, which was launched in 2003. His very first album gains too much international popularity and he becomes famous all around the world.

His albums sold almost 34 million times. Now he is performing all around the world. His most recent album was Barakah which was released in 2016.COLLAPSE

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