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Secret benefits of Sholawat Nariyah

Sholawat Nariyah Lirik Hidden Benefits, Meaning, Translation, Sholawat Nariyah in Arabic, in Latin, in mp3 and Video.

Sholawat Nariyah

Shalawat Nariya or Durood al-Nariya has also been known as Salat al-Tafrijiyya (Arabic: The Prayer of Relief) and was transmitted by Imam al-Qurtubi V.

Sholawat Nariyah in Arabic

أللّهُمَّ صَلِّ صَلَاةً كَامِلَةً وَسَلِّمْ سَلَامًا تَامًّا عَلَى سَيِّدِنَا مُحَمَّدِ الّذِي تَنْحَلُّ بِهِ الْعُقَدُ وَتَنْفَرِجُ بِهِ الْكُرَبُ وَتُقْضَى بِهِ الْحَوَائِجُ وَتُنَالُ بِهِ الرَّغَائِبُ وَحُسْنُ الْخَوَاتِمِ وَيُسْتَسْقَى الْغَمَامُ بِوَجْهِهِ الْكَرِيْمِ وَعَلَى آلِهِ وَصَحْبِهِ فِيْ كُلِّ لَمْحَةٍ وَنَفَسٍ بِعَدَدِ كُلِّ مَعْلُوْمٍ لَكَ

Sholawat Nariyah in Latin

Allāhumma ṣalli ṣalātan kāmilatan, wa sallim salāman tāman, ʿalā Sayyidinā Muḥammadin illadhī tanḥallu bihi l-ʿuqad(u), wa tanfariju bihi l-kurab(u), wa tuqḍā bihi l-ḥawā’ij(u), wa tunālu bihi r-raghā’ibu wa ḥusnu l-khawātim(i), wa yustasqa l-ghamāmu bi-wajhihi l-karīm(i), wa ʿalā ālihi wa ṣaḥbihi fī kulli lamḥatin wa nafasin bi-ʿadadi kulli mʿalūmin lak(a).

sholawat nariyah Latin
sholawat nariyah Latin

Sholawat Nariyah Translation in English

Allah, send a perfect prayer and complete greeting of peace upon our master Muhammad SAW — the one by whom problems are solved and anxieties are relieved and needs are fulfilled and aspirations are attained and good endings are received and by whose noble face the clouds give rain and upon his Family and Companions with every glance and every breath, by the number of everything that is known to You.

Meaning of Sholawat

Salawat is derived from the words sala or shalat. It is the plural of both of those words and means dua. It is a dua by definition.

It is derived from the Arabic word “nar”, which means fire. The name is derived from the fact that reciting it regularly is a fast-acting method of achieving one’s goals.

Benefits of Sholawat Nariyah

One who regularly recites this prayer every day, 141 times or more, Allah will relieve him of his grief and sorrow, and will remove his problems and difficulties, ease his affairs, illuminate his inward, elevate his status, improve his state, increase his sustenance, and many more doors of virtue will be opened for him. His words will become more effective as a leader, he will be protected from unfortunate events, and bad calamities such as starvation and poverty, and love for him will be placed in the hearts of other people—and there is nothing he asks of Allah except that Allah will give it to him.

Imam al-Qurtubi

These benefits will not be received unless the prayer is read regularly. This prayer is among the treasures of Allah and its recitation is a key these treasure troves. Those servants of Allah who regularly recite this invocation will be granted an opening and through it, they will attain what is willed for them.

Imam al-Qurtubi

Sholawat Nariyah Mp3

sholawat nariyah
sholawat nariyah

Sholawat karaoke – sholawat nariyah

Sholawat karaoke – sholawat nariyah
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Sholawat Nariyah Video


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